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Monday, July 16, 2007

Auto Europe car hire - offering good prices for France and world-wide

Although roughly two-thirds of the guests that stay in our Brittany holiday home travel over in their own car through one of the many French ferry ports in Brittany, Normandy and Pas de Calais, there's the remaining third who prefer to fly and then hire a car in France.

Some time ago I looked around for a good hire car company that I could recommend through the Gite website, that offered hire cars at a reasonable price, and offered pickup at all the local French airports.

Auto Europe ticked all the right boxes for me and even though two sets of guests have now taken up our recommendation and hired through them, for reasons various (mainly I didn't put aside the time to focus on it), up until now I never added Auto Europe's details to the options page for ferry and airline routes to our Gite.

Prevarication over, this weekend I finally found the time to integrate Auto Europe into our website and added their advert to this blog.

In total they offer some 900 car hire pickup locations across France including all the nearby airports served by budget airlines (Brest, Dinard, Lorient, Lannion, Nantes, and Rennes) as well as of course all the major cities further afield in France like Paris and Nice.

Of course starting to make changes to the website then got me onto a more general update of the travel options page, correcting an external link that had stopped working, word-smithing the text, fiddling with and resizing some of the ferry and airline logos, and all in all spending far more time that I expected by making lots of minor changes that no-one will probably notice anyway!


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