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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Everyone (even Tony Blair) is congratulating Nicolas Sarkozy on his French presidential win

As you may have noticed I tend to keep out of commenting about politics (perhaps I'm part of the 'disinterested generation' ?), but the news of Conservative candidate Nicholas Sarkozy winning the French presidential election has been filling many column inches over the weekend.

Seems that Tony Blair has joined the e-revolution and yesterday Downing Street posted a short video on YouTube of Tony congratulating Nicholas on his win:

PM congratulates Nicholas Sarkozy on French election win

Wisely Downing Street have submitted the video with YouTube comments disabled.

Tony's also posted a second video of the same presidential congratulations announcement in French:

Tony Blair félicite Nicolas Sarkozy (en français)

Although Tony's obviously reading an auto-cue his French is pretty good (definitely better than mine) and he's clearly a confident speaker. Interesting to see that the French version's had more views than the English version - a new era of Anglo-French accord perhaps?

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