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Friday, March 09, 2007

This Blog's not long for this world

Yesterday when I logged into Blogger I got a message telling me that I had to upgrade to the new Blogger and that I would only be allowed one more time to login to "old blogger".

So far I've been quite happy with the previous blogger software, yes I know there are loads of new Blogger features like templates and comments but I've been quite happy with various GreaseMonkey scripts to improve the old blogger and provide many of the missing features.

The other main reason I've held off is that I'm afraid of the change! Conversion from old Blogger to new is a one-way process and if it goes wrong I'll end up with a screwed up Blog and a screwed up Blog template. Spending time fixing the template is not something I really want to do right now and so I've resisted the change.

If Blogger had offered some form of "test upgrade" with being able to copy my blog into a new one and test the new features before I committed to the conversion then I'd be happy to go, but they don't so I've stuck with working as I am.

Looks like I won't be able to stay standing still though, this may be one of my few remaining posts in old Blogger and my intransigence may be over-ruled by a forced upgrade.



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