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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lunar eclipse and spring has sprung

Did you see the lunar eclipse last night ?

It was a beautiful clear night where we were in Bedfordshire and we went out into the garden several times during the evening to take a look as the earth's shadow crossed over the moon. There are some absolutely beautiful photos of the eclipse on the BBC news website, in fact they make the eclipse look more spectacular than when viewed with the naked eye.

I tried taking some photos myself but the end result was just of a white curved blob on a black background. I could probably have achieved the same result by taking pictures of a lightbulb so I don't think I will be adding them to the dozens of other lunar eclipse pics on flickr.

Meanwhile today I think spring has arrived. The daffodils are up in the garden and I had to shoo the first fly I've seen this year out of the kitchen. Where do flies go in the winter?


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