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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New FlyBe routes following acquisition of BA connect

Over on This French Life Craig McGinty's quick off the mark with detailing all of FlyBe's new routes that they launched yesterday.

FlyBe's press release contains further details of the new routes and price cuts on existing routes following their acquisition of BA Connect and makes their claim that they're now Europe's largest regional airport with 152 routes from 56 different airports. RyanAir would of course argue this point differently as they offer 454 routes from 130 different European airports - usual warnings about not trusting anyone's marketing statistics apply here!

In terms of options for getting to North-West France, FlyBe's announcement adds one new route from Edinburgh to Rennes which is about an hour from our french holiday home. Flights start on the 26th May and fares will be from £47.99 one way (including taxes and charges).
Significantly for me this is the first budget airline that flies direct from Scotland to a regional airport in Brittany so hope this will give me some more potential guests.

I've added the new budget airline route to the travel choices section of our website - if I've counted correctly this now means there are 29 budget airlines that fly direct into Brittany or close by.

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