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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

LD Lines and TransManche announce new timetables and some special offers

Following my posting about LD Lines taking over Transmanche Ferries just over a week ago, I received an announcement from LD Lines today giving details of the new ferry timetable:

The new timetables are as follows (all arrivals and departures in local time):

Newhaven – Le Havre (daily service)
Newhaven: 12:30 (UK time)Le Havre: 6:30pm (French time)
Le Havre: 8pmNewhaven: midnight
Newhaven – Dieppe (Low season, October to March)
5pm and 11pm (Mon-Fri)
7am and 10pm (Sat)
7am and 7pm (Sun)
4am and 10pm (Mon-Fri)
12pm (Sat)
3am, 12pm and midnight (Sun)
3am, 6pm and midnight (Mon)
6pm and midnight (Tue-Fri)
8am and 8pm (Sat)
8am (Sun)
6am and 9pm (Mon)
3am and 9pm (Tue-Fri)
3am and 11pm (Sat)
11am (Sun)
Newhaven – Dieppe (High season, April to September, daily service)
Newhaven: 1:30am, 7am, 6pmDieppe: 6:30am, 12pm, 11pm
Dieppe: 00:30, 8am and 1:30pmNewhaven: 05:30, 1pm and 5:30pm
Portsmouth - Le Havre
Portsmouth: 11pmLe Havre: 7:30am
Le Havre: 5pmPortsmouth: 9:30pm

There are also a number of special offers available including £69 in France from 30th April to 27th June for up to 5 nights stay. See the LD Lines and TransManche Ferries website for full details.

I also noticed that TransManche Ferries website has now had a makeover and looks very similar to LD Lines' site and uses the same booking engine. Only difference between the two is the colour scheme. Reflecting I guess the continued taking on of TransManche into LD Lines' operations.

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