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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blogvertising - Advertising on my Blog

Last year I received an unexpected email that I have to admit I firstly viewed with some suspicion. Basically the email was asking me if I would be prepared to add a small commercial text link advert to this Gite weblog in exchange for an annual payment.

Immediately unsure I checked out the website from the company that had sent me the email and found out that they are a search engine marketing company with a number of well known clients. I then google'd for the company's website address and found numerous references to their site from their client's sites - so it looked genuine.

A few emails back and forth to find out more about what sort of advert they wanted, I was quickly sent payment via paypal, and all of a sudden I've entered the world of corporate advertising ! All in all it wasn't too painful, the payment was nice but I doubt I'll be able to retire just yet.

I thought I was being really clever by inventing the term 'Blogvertising'. Unfortunately it appears I'm not unique enough in my thinking, Google knows of 187,000 other websites that have used the term Blogvertising.

It's interesting to read on Stay Free Daily that some bloggers are proud to announce with the little owl logo that they're ad free. Unfortunately now I don't qualify 8-(



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