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Friday, February 02, 2007

Speedferries announce their own exclusive port facilities at Dover

Regular readers will know I've been quite happy with using SpeedFerries for cut-price channel crossings for some time now.

Their latest press release popped into my mailbox today announcing that they have just signed a lease for the Dover Hoverport at Dover's Western Docks.

This'll give them dedicated facilities at Dover (cutting down having to go the same check-in, passport control, etc as the rest of Dover traffic) and their own retail facilities. Assuming this isn't reflected in the ticket price this sounds another good move by SpeedFerries.

To celebrate they're offering £50 flexible return tickets (which is an absolute bargain crossing price for peak season) and 10-trip SuperVouchers for £220 (i.e. each crossing works out at £22 each), valid for 2 years.

Both good deals if you fancy a trip to La Belle Francais.

More details on SpeedFerries website

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