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Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Clive Kristen book: "A French Restoration: The Pleasures and Perils of Renovating a Property in France"

Amazon emailed me yesterday to let me know that Clive Kristen has written a new book which is due to be released on 29th September.

For those that don't know Clive, he's written a number of books about renovating and purchasing a French property and there's a well thumbed copy of "Buying a Property in France: An Insider Guide to Realising Your Dream" in our Brittany Gite that I bought and read well before embarking on our own French adventure. It's a good factual book about the process of buying a property (fees, legal process, prices in different areas, useful french building phrases, etc).

Clive's latest book appears (from online reviews) to be a more in depth story following three years of a British couple's own French rennovation dreams ... "When you fall in love common sense flies out of the window".

Judging from Clive's previous book, it should be an interesting read so I think it'll be getting this one as well. The RRP is £9.99, but are offering it for £6.59 (plus P&P), for £6.79 and for £7.49.

Better dig out the Amazon voucher that's lurking in my inbox somewhere ...

PS: Finally finished reading Tom Clancy's 'The Bear and The Dragon' that I blogged about last month. The last 300 pages are better than the first 800 and (no suprises) the American's save the day!

PPS: If you're very quick you can grab a copy of Clive's 'Property in France: An Insider Guide' off ebay, closes monday night and currently only 99p.

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  • Thanks very much Geoffrey. I think perhaps there is no substitute for your 'hand's on' approach and that is something I have really tried to bring to life in 'A French Restoration'. Please get in touch if I can return the compliment.

    Thanks again,


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 30, 2006  

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