Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Thursday, August 24, 2006

First holiday booking for 2007

In amongst the hundreds of junk emails I received whilst away on holiday were a couple of 2007 rental enquiries for our Brittany Holiday Home.

Over the weekend I corresponded back and forth with one of the enquirers answering questions about things to do in the local area surrounding the Gite, facilities at the Gite and the various routes and costs of getting there (including pointing out the Speedferries £27 open ticket offer). By the end of Sunday they'd decided to book a a two week holiday in the Gite for July/August 2007. Additionally this was our first holiday booking received from RentalSystems (formerly VillaRenters) which makes the advert worthwhile.

Although it's great news to be receiving rental enquiries and a booking for 2007 when we're still in the middle of the peak 2006 holiday season, it did remind me that we need to make our own 2007 holiday plans for when we want to go to the Gite . One of the advantages of owning a holiday home is supposed to be the opportunity to use it yourself - if we don't get our act together then we're likely to miss out - like we did this year!

Yesterday I then had to spend an hour or so adding 2007 rental dates to the Gite availability calendar for all the way up to January 2008. We're offering 2006 rental prices for all 2007 bookings that are confirmed by the end of this year so hopefully that'll bring in a few additional bookings as well.

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