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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Speed Ferries prices have increased, but savings might still be possible

Following on from my Blog earlier in the week about SpeedFerries prices increasing, I see from SpeedFerries website that prices are now "from £25" as opposed to "from £19" as it was last week (but as always actual fares vary according to demand, and like the low cost airline model prices rise as seats are sold out).

However it appears to be possible to save slightly on those prices by booking through the ferry discounter Their headline price for SpeedFerries crossings is "from £24". Having said that though with the few sample crossings I just priced up directly on SpeedFerries website and then FerryCheap's website, I found in every case that the FerryCheap crossings were £5 more expensive than booking direct with SpeedFerries.

Stiill £25 is still a good value ferry crossing and depending on your travel flexibility there are even some August crossings for that price (although most are £39 or £45).

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