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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Web-logs and website typo's - I must learn to read my log files more carefully

I noticed today from my web log that someone had viewed the Blog following a search on Google for 'Ferry Portsmouth LeHarve'. "Oh no" I thought, "I've spelt the ferry port of Le Havre wrong on our Gite website".

I then proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes searching on google for 'leharve' and 'leharve', and 'lehavre' and 'lehavre' to try to find exactly where I had mis-spelt it.

Of course with all these different spellings I was by the end completely confused as to which was the right spelling, which was the wrong spelling and exactly what was wrong on which website (the Gite Website or the Gite Blog website).

Had to stop and start back again. Only checking for the second time did I realise that the typo was on an email I'd received and posted on the Blog saying about the new LdLines ferry service from Portsmouth to Le Havre. Not on the main website at all, and I'd actually spelt it correctly everywhere I'd written it.

What a waste of time that was!


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