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Friday, June 16, 2006

Fete de la Musique comes to Loudeac

The Fête de la Musique is a free international music event held in more than 100 countries on the 21st of June each year (the summer solstice). Originally launched by the French Ministry for culture in 1982, the fete is now 25 years old and brings together all different types of music from a wide variety of participant (both amateur and professional musician) to popularise music for everyone.

The musicians are all asked to perform for free, and all the concerts are free for the public. Consequently many of the fete events are held in open air areas such as streets and parks or public buildings such as museums, train stations, castles and cafe's. Additionally the Fête de la Musique encourages major music institutions such as orchestras, choirs and operas to perform outside of their usual location in order to make music more publically accessible.

The Loudeac Office Minicipal Cultural has been holding a Fête de la Musique for the past 16 years and for some reason has organised Loudeac's Fête de la Musique for today, 16th June, rather than the 21st like the rest of the world - perhaps summer comes early in this part of Brittany? (Loudeac's a traditional small french market town about 15 minutes drive from our Brittany Holiday Gite).

At Loudeac's fete there are events aimed at children, the inevitable official opening of the event by the Mayor, a celtic harp group, jazz groups, a bell ringing circle, a choir, accordian player, a number of rock groups and a number of adhoc musical events throughout the bars of Loudeac.

Worth mentioning that there are other Fete's nearby in Brittany at Ploermel, Lorient, Rennes and Vannes on the 21st June and we've still got availability in our Gite for that week if you fancy a relaxing holiday. with a bit of local French musical entertainment thrown in for free.


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