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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Interesting Blogs I've been reading for Blogger hacks

Just for a change I thought I'd write about some other interesting blog's I've found recently.

Firstly, A Consuming Experience contains a mixture of interesting technical insights, how-to's and hints and tips. From there I discovered FreshBlog which has loads of hacks and enhancements for Blogger.

One of the articles I read on FreshBlog put me onto Browservulsel who has some great Greasemonkey scripts that really make using Blogger a lot easier. Greasemonkey is a sort of website scripting plugin for Firefox, my favourite Browser (I've been using is since version 0.6). Greasemoney scripts are simply Javascript scripts that are automatically run whenever you browse specific sites/pages. Browservusel has three scripts I've found useful with Blogger:

  • Edit Comments - enables me to edit comments made on my blog (by default Blogger only gives you the option to delete comments)
  • Large Post Editor - makes the standard Blogger 'create/edit' post bigger (the standard one is far too small to easily use)
  • Large Template Editor - similar thing but this one makes the template editor window bigger
Browservusel also has a Greasemoney script to automatically add Technorati tags but I've not worked out how to use that one yet!

You may notice some subtle changes to the Blog as I start incorporating ideas from some of these sites. Yesterday I made the template change to sort the list of monthly archives into most recent first and changed the Blogger icon.
Still to do is making the Blog titles clickable and creating a favicon for the Blog and our Gite website.

One you won't visibly see me making a backup of the blog in case Blogger throws a serious wobbly and looses it all.

Another clever trick I found for Firefox is a quick way to translate pages into English using Google's translation tool by using a bookmark and finally, The Daily Hack - just what it says; some of the ideas are great and some plain silly.



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