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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

2011 is now open for holiday bookings

In previous years I've usually created our Gite holiday booking calendar for the following year in early September when we return from our own summer holidays, but this year I've had to be a little earlier as we've already started getting a few booking requests for 2011.

In early July I wrote about one family arranging to rent our holiday home for August 2011, an amazing 418 days in advance, and since then I've taken another booking for August 2011 and one for July 2011.

We've been forced into deciding our own holiday plans for next summer or else we wouldn't have been able to make a booking ourselves to stay in our own Gite, and as we're going to holiday in Brittany for a week that means we've now booked with vacation rents for about half of July and almost all of August 2011.

And so the message is that if you'd like to come and stay in our corner of France, then let us know soon!

So how are bookings compared to previous years?

Good question, thanks for asking !

Well, in previous years we've taken most of our peak school holiday summer bookings in September, October and November the prior year, so by Christmas we're typically looking for bookings to fill the less busy weeks in May, June and September.

In the second half of 2009 the bookings slowed right down so that by Christmas 2009 we had only taken two bookings for June 2010 (plus our own August break), but the rentals have slowly dripped in in early 2010 to mean that we're now roughly on a par to finish 2010 with a similar occupancy level as in 2009.
So nett-nett is 2010 has been slow but got there in the end.

Having said all that though we do still have availability for late September 2010 and October 2010 as well as Christmas and New Year 2011. Come and stay, you won't be disappointed.

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