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Friday, May 12, 2017

Fitting the new shower cubicle

“Fitting the new shower cubicle”,  sounds innocuous doesn’t it.   I mean, how hard can it be to fit a new shower cubicle, its just a matter of carefully following the instructions and assembling everything isn’t it?

As I mentioned earlier, I’d bought the new shower cubicle from an eBay seller, nothing wrong with that in terms of quality of what I’d bought, but when it came to installing the cubicle I think this particular seller had bought the instructions from China and quite possibly the Chinaman had never seen the cubicle he was drawing the plans for!!

Of all the work I did on the shower following the instructions proved to be the most difficult part. I like to be logical,  lay the parts out, identify what is what, and then start at step 1.

IKEA must love me as a customer. Laid all the parts out, compared the parts to the pictures, and they don’t match.

Yes I have mostly the same number of parts as in the plans, but some of them bear no resemblance to the installation instructions.
The uprights in particular have a completely different profile and I spend perhaps 3 hours dry assembling various parts of the shower trying to work out whether I have a door part, a glass surround part, or a frame part !

Eventually I conclude mhy deliberations and can actually assemble the cubicle in situ.  I then find that I’m missing some of the self tapping screws and silver screw cover caps - not enough to seriously jeopardise the installation, but enough to mean that some corners of the cubicle have to be screwed together with my own screws that will need replacement parts from the eBay seller. Take photo of offending missing parts, and carry on ...




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