Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tiled and grouted the remainder of the shower cubicle

Tiling the rest of the shower cubicle was a fairly straight forward job.   Checking all the time that the tiles were level and true, it was made easier by the choice of large wall tiles and 10mm right angle tile trim to finish the edges off neatly.


I originally planned to just tile the shower cubicle area, but having seen how quickly it took me to tile this section and how much better it looked with tiles on the wall I decided to continue tiling along the wall up to the doorway.

Waited a couple of hours for the adhesive to dry,  then cleaned any adhesive off the tile surfaces and from the cracks (found that if you leave this job to the next morning then the adhesive sets rock solid and is a lot harder to do),  and then grouted the lot.
Top tip, buy a proper rubber grout float and use power-mix grout. The ready-mix may be easier to use but its too lumpy and with the powder mix you can get a much better grout result.



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