Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Removing the old shower cubicle

Downstairs in the Gite is a large bathroom with toilet, washing machine and a not particularly large shower cubicle. In fact when I looked round the Gite prior to buying it, the previous owners had stored their daughter's toys in the cubicle,  and whilst it has been used a lot more than the previous owners did,  the shower cubicle was starting to show its age and so I planned to replace it with something bigger. The old cubicle prior to starting work:  First job was to strip out the old cubicle, tiles and tray.  Smashing fun !


Monday, April 10, 2017

Another little repair job to the patio door blind

On arriving at the Gite I found that unfortunately the roller blind above the doors onto the patio had been broken at some point.  These blinds work really well but they are quite heavy and if you let them drop down at high speed they can get damaged which results in the blind coming apart.
It is a bit of a pain to fix this as I have to take the cover off the roller blind on the inside, unscrew the bottom weight,  and then manually feed the rolled blind back up through the slot at the top into the house,  then when the blind is all inside,  have to slide each blind slat out sideways and then you can slide them all back together. As I said, a bit of a pain.  At least it gave the opportunity to wash all the blind slats as I put it back together again.  


Sunday, April 09, 2017

Back to France for Easter week

I'm currently sitting on the harbourside at Dover, waiting for the 10:40 DFDS ferry to Calais.

Just me going for Easter week. Toby is off to grandparents and Jack is, well Jack. So Mum at home to keep Jack in check and feed the pets.

Good drive down to the port although I could see it will be hazy on the channel.   Yesterday I flew my microlight to Damyns Hall near Dartford Crossing and it was very hazy until late afternoon so I expect the same today - not much fun flying when you can't see much in front of you.   I'm sure the ferry captain will have GPS and Radar to ensure we don't run into anything on the way.

Despite thinking that there is not much to take to France the car is completely full !
Bringing over a new freezer,  flatscreen TV,  a big pile of laminate flooring and more tiles and trim to complete tiling the downstairs bathroom.

Not a quiet week ahead of me then ...
PS: Thanks for the free wifi Dover harbour, much appreciated

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