Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Monday, April 04, 2016

Boiler servicing

Some things are sometimes more of a challenge than they need to be.

About 5 years ago we had a new oil boiler installed at the Gite that runs the hot water and central heating.

All was fine until we accidentally ran out of oil and the muck in the bottom of the oil tank got pulled through into the boiler and it spat some black smoke out as a result.

The plumber who installed the boiler advised me of a local company in Rohan who could service it and so I logged a 'please contact me to come and clean the boiler' request on their website for when I was next coming to France.

They never phoned nor emailed me so the following time I came over to France I tried again via the website, but again no response.

This time when we arrived at the Gite I noticed that there the boiler was blowing out more black sooty smoke that was deposited all up the outside wall.

This time I avoided the electronic 'contact me' and drove over to their shop to book an engineer visit.
Yes I was told, would be probably Thursday, but the technician would phone to confirm.

By the end of Wednesday after having had no phone call I went back to the shop to confirm the appointment.

No, not Thursday, but would be Friday at 2pm. Definitely.

And here he is, the technician arrived as promised on Friday, the boiler was very thoroughly cleaned out, a new nozzle fitted and it's all running perfectly.

What a hassle though.



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