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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Brittany's staying the same - no proposed change to her borders

Yesterday French President Hollande put forward proposals to reduce the number of regions in France from 22 down to 14 in order to save an estimated €25 billion in administration costs.

Unfortunately the residents of Brittany won't be happy with the proposed changes as they had been campaigning to return Nantes and the Loire Atlantic department into Brittany, reversing a change made in 1941 when the Pays de La Loire region was created.

Neither Brittany nor Pays de la Loire are proposed to be changed and so no doubt in traditional French style we will see street protests, marches and a strike or two as the population of the affected regions vent their views both for and against the changes.

Whether of course France will ever manage to sack the affected regions civil servants and make the expected savings is of course another matter ...

And as I predicted, news of angry reports on France 24 of how the Breton people have reacted to Brittany not being reunified with campaigners calling the decision "revolting", "non-democratic" and "a feudal decision"!
Read more on France 24.



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