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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

MyFerryLink rebranding

Surely not a date-related activity (hint: look at the date) from MyFerryLink who have just announced their rebranding to MyFerretLink:

Of course the Competition Commission have been investigating Eurotunnel's purchase of SeaFrance vessels to form MyFerryLink since October 2012, which has been back and forth since then with the CC provisionally confirming that it does have jurisdiction in the Eurotunnel/MyFerryLink case on the basis that Eurotunnel acquired the SeaFrance vessels and staff and was able to start up MyFerryLink rapidly almost as a going concern. Eurotunnel responded with incomprehension of the Competition Committee provisional ruling (perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly), ending ominously with "if prior to its final decision the Competition Commission does not wish to review its perspective on the competition which exists across the Strait of Dover in the light of the current reality, Groupe Eurotunnel will withdraw its ferries from the Channel".

So the jury is still out on that one, but back to MFL, is this a cynical attempt by Eurotunnel/MyFerryLink to hide their new identity? Who knows, but at least they did go to the trouble of an amusing 30 second MyFerretlink video, giving away free cuddly ferrets and announcing that you can save £29 and take your ferret across the channel for free during April!

See also Dover Express's article on rebranding of MyFerryLink to MyFerretLink.

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