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Monday, December 30, 2013

Only in France - pub fined after guest takes glass back to the bar

I thought that this article I initially read on Times of India about France labour laws was really amusing.

According to the article (which is repeated almost verbatim on The Independent and Connexion France) it was a polite tradition for customers of the Mamm-Kounifl concert-café in Locmiquélic, Brittany to carry drinks trays and used glasses back to the bar after they had finished using them.

However the social security agency URSAFF saw it differently, and claimed that the customers returning trays and glasses was an infringement of labour laws because "customers were acting like waiters".

The authorities initially fined the pub owners €7,900 and briefly placed them in police custody. Customers vouched for the owners and they escaped charges, but URSSAF are still pursuing a social case and are now seeking €9,000 due to non-payment of the original fine. A URSSAF spokesperson told France Bleu they refute the owners’ account of the incident.

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Only in France ?

Bonne année et bonne santé.

(Happy new year and good health)