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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An update on Save5 - please consider joining the organ donor register

Gosh it was over a year and a half ago that I wrote on this blog about the inspirational Save5 campaign to get 10,000 more people to join the UK Organ donor register. Please do follow the link to the previous article to read more about the campaign.

'T' Sandeman-Charles had started a personal campaign to make a significant difference to the lives of other people by asking 10,000 people if they would be willing through her Save 5 campaign to join the UK Organ donor register and potentially save up to 5 other people's lives.

At the time of writing my blog article in September 2011, T had succeeded in getting 2,700 people to join the register and as of today (April 2013) the total now stands at 6,168 - only 3,832 to go to reach the target.

T has now made a video posting on YouTube describing the Save 5 campaign, the reasons she started it, and asking people to join the campaign.

I've enclosed her video below and I do encourage you to watch it, and like my wife Liz and I, to potentially make a real difference to someone else's life by joining the donor register:

Thank you, Geoffrey



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