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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dover spends a pile of money

A few weeks ago I came across news that Dover was investing £11m in upgrading berth infrastructure at the port in order to accommodate the new super-ferries (such as P&O's Spirit ferries) in berth 3.

At the time when I read the article I thought it was saying that Dover had spent their £11 million on "just" a 4 metre wide pile that weighed in at 246 tonnes, and that this was an awful lot of money to pay for a single metal pile sunk into the harbour seabed.

The Dover press article only really hints at the size of the construction work and when I was passing through Dover on my way to the Gite with a load of work to do I was able to see that two of the ferry berths were closed off whilst it looked like they were pretty comprehensively refurbishing and extending them.

Construction work on pier 3 at Dover Harbour

246 tonne pile and pier extension in Dover Harbour



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