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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Consolidation on the high seas - DFDS and LDLines joint venture

DFDS Ferry and Dover Cliffs

Building on the back of the announcement that DFDS and LDLines were launching a Dover-Calais ferry service earlier this year, the two companies have now announced that they will form a joint company for ferry routes on the English channel and between France and Tunisia.

This new service is expected to come into formal operations on 1st July and will comprise the following ferry routes:
  • Dover-Dunkirk (which is currently operated by DFDS)
  • Dover-Calais (the existing DFDS / LD Lines partnership)
  • Portsmouth-Le Havre (currently an LD Lines service)
  • Newhaven-Dieppe (LD Lines operating under the Transmanche Ferries banner)
  • Marseille-Tunis (LD Lines)
There is further details of the company share ownership, passenger numbers and ferries on the DFDS press announcement.

Not directly related to the joint venture, but I guess a sign of good customer takeup on the Dover/Calais service that started on 17th February, DFDS have announced a second ship for this route.

The new vessel will be known as the 'Deal Seaways'.

And where did the Deal Seaways come from? It's our old friend from Brittany Ferries, Barfleur, that ceased service on the Poole Cherbourg route in 2009, came briefly back into service last year, but has spent most of the intervening years moored up on a river inlet in Caen.

Now showing a sparkly new Blue and White DFDS paint scheme she's back in service at long last now.

Wonder what colour the DFDS/LDLines joint venture boats will be painted? Barfleur could set a record time for the shortest paint-job on a ferry if it's anything other than Blue and White!

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