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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Car Booting in La Cheze

Up early(ish) today because we've got a busy day. Slept like a log last night after the short night's sleep the night before, and awoke to a beautifully warm and sunny day.

La Cheze summer festival, car boot sale and stalls around the edge of the lake
The little town of La Cheze is just 2 miles from our holiday Gite and has a range of shops, a supermarket, three restaurants and a couple of bank branches.
There's also a large lake and it was around the bottom and sides of the lake that the 'Festival Ete' (summer festival) was held. As we walked around and managed to buy far more than we'd started off with it was noticeable that there were quite a few English stall holders as well as French families clearing out their attics and garages.

Sitting down to dinner by the lake, car boot purchases surrounding us
The boys were happy because they bought an XBOX game (fortunately in English - I managed to steer them away from the French ones), an inflatable boat complete with Oars for €10 and Toby had the star purchase of a moving electric robot. The boat has been played with extensively in our swimming pool and we're still trying to figure out the robot as all the controller instructions are in French - so far we've found the demo dancing mode and how to get it to walk and move its arms !

Further round the lake we found an old hay maker and displays of old tractors, a parade of classic cars and Liz was happy with the Breton horses she found to stroke and make a fuss of.

Large queue for the fish and chips
We finished up with lunch at the fair which had a longer queue than usual. It wasn't the traditional Saucisse et Frites or Galette nature or even the Sandwiches that was causing such a queue, it turned out to be the battered Fish and Chips sold at a premium €6.60 that was proving to be such a popular item that they kept on running out and having to cook some more for the next batch of hungry customers. I'm sure the french 'language police' would have a fit with the sign that said 'Fish and Chips' not 'Poisson Frites' but the Union Jack flag above the stall and the satisfied customers said it all - this little transplanted corner of English produce was going down a smash hit!

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  • Glad to see The Flag the correct way up!

    By Anonymous Lesley, at August 11, 2011  

  • i would like too use the top image for my GCSE ICT coursework i hope thats okay

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 06, 2012  

  • Hi there, thanks for asking, yes that is fine.

    Contact me via our Gite website at and I can email you a higher resolution version of the photo.

    Regards, Geoffrey

    By Blogger Geoffrey, at January 06, 2012  

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