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Monday, June 06, 2011

Dogs are allowed with us

Over on This French Life I recently came across an article about how it has been judged illegal in France to ban pets from short-term holiday rental agreements.

In the recent comments on the TFL article there's different points of view expressed as to whether Gite owners and customers feel positive or negative about accepting pets or not.

For our own Brittany Gite in the 7 years we have been renting we have always accepted pets, although we've only had a small number of customers that have asked about bringing their dog on holiday to the Gite.

We do ask that guests act responsibly with their dogs and pets and ensure that any mess inside or out is cleaned up afterwards, and without fail every one of the customers has been quite happy with this arrangement and we've never had any problems with the pets that have stayed with us. I personally think it's something about the kind of dog owner that wants to take their pet on holiday with them that also accepts the responsibility of doing so.

Dexter the dog on St Brieuc beach, Brittany
We had a lovely letter from one couple who took their dog on holiday to the Gite and they wrote a letter of thanks afterwards as if it had been written by the dogs themselves saying how much they loved their holiday and running and playing on the North Brittany coastal beach at St Brieuc. We've taken our own dog there a couple of times and as you can see he loved it!

We've also been able to help our doggy owning guests out with practical details of pet passports and also the English speaking vet we've found nearby for the inoculations for the return trip back home.

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  • When one trauls through the web sites in order to find The Place for your holiday it enormously helpful if the list can be sifted for those that accept pets. A good 'selling point' in the gite facilities could then also include a mention that the garden is fenced and exit proof! Our dog would love to have been off the lead in the garden on our last trip.

    By Anonymous Lesley, at June 09, 2011  

  • I agree, it so hard to find a pet friendly getaway in one's own country, let alone in another country! I love the old 'our dog wrote this card' trick, my mum used to do just the same thing. :

    By Anonymous Katie, at June 29, 2011  

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