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Monday, January 17, 2011

Great news, we're having an extra Family holiday this year

Last year when I had planned to go over to our Holiday Gite to do some work on the second house (plasterboarding and wiring), our youngest monster, Jack, said that he'd like to come with me.

Mum was not too enthusiastic about the idea but eventually her concerns were assuaged and he went with me for the second week of the Easter holidays.

I actually quite enjoyed it with just Jack, when they're not together the boys are not squabbling and "bouncing-off" each other, so we had a great time, I got some work done on the other house, Jack watched a lot of TV and read books, and it was nice to spend time together as just the two of us.

So this year to be fair I offered eldest monster Toby (who is much less of a monster than Jack) the opportunity to go with me for half-term week in February. I've some holiday to use up and I thought it fair to give him the chance of a 'week with Daddy'.

Toby initially said "no, he'd rather stay at home", and "Jack should go", so I left it for a bit and just before I left for India we talked it over as a family and Toby stuck to his guns and said he didn't want to come.

So then Jack asked if he could come. Of course once Toby had finally made up his mind not to go, I explained that "I would love for Jack to come with me again, but that as his birthday is in half-term week we would have to have his 'main' birthday party when we get back from France".

Seemed to be sorted and I left for India the next day. Had a phone call from Liz yesterday to say that Jack had got himself into a state and he didn't want to go to France with me, but that he wanted all of us to go.

So great news, another family holiday. Sure it'll be a little bit colder in February but the house is well insulated and has central heating and a log fire, and it'll be nice to spend a week together as a family, especially as I've been away from home with work so much recently.

Dates are booked in the Gite holiday reservation calendar, and I'm now looking at ferry options for that week.



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