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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tour de Bretagne - April 2010

Next month (from April 25th through to April 30th) the Tour de Bretagne is running, and like it's "big brother" the Tour de France it's a hard fought multi-stage race through the villages and towns of rural France.

One thing will be different though, there'll be no "King of the Mountains" (on account of Brittany being somewhat flatter than the Alps!), but this year the race is moving offshore for the first time ever with Jersey hosting the first two days of the Tour.

There's expected to be some 22 teams and 400 cyclists taking part in the race, so if you're over in Jersey (or nudge, nudge, our Brittany holiday Gite - which just happens to be free for that week!) then it looks like a fantastic event to go and see.

When we've been over in Brittany ourselves we often see cyclists taking part in local races or practising along the main roads, and like most rural French events there's a real carnival atmosphere with music, the obligatory bar, and of course the hot crepe's and pancake stall as well - yummy!

One time we were driving in Brittany we managed to take a wrong turn and found ourselves driving down the cycle race course. All the side streets had been closed off with barriers and we had to divert an awful long way before we could get "out" of the race! Fortunately we were a few hours before the race started so the streets were still empty but I'm sure we got a few looks from the locals who wondered why the crazy English were driving round their cycle race.

More details on the Tour de Bretagne on their website, and details of the Tour de Bretagne coming to Jersey on the BBC news website.

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