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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brittany Ferries launches the Cap Finistere

Brittany Ferries' mv Cap Finistere

Back in December I passed on news that Brittany Ferries were increasing sailings on the Portsmouth to Santander route with a new (to them) ferry, the Superfast V purchased from Attica for £75m.

The new ferry, now renamed the Cap Finistere entered service with Brittany Ferries on Monday with its first sailing from Portsmouth as reported on The Portsmouth News.

There's an interview with Jean-Marc Roue (the President of Brittany Ferries) on Le about the introduction of the new service, and in the interview Jean-Marc comments that they bought this boat because of the speed that they could bring it into service as compared to waiting for a new vessel to be constructed. Apparently each boat has to be almost custom-made to fit the berthing requirements of the ports they are going to use and so it was a difficult job to find a suitable ferry.
Unfortunately Google Translate has (for once) made a bit of a hash of the translation from French, but you can understand enough to get the gist of the Cap Finistere launch article on

Finally, further details of the facilities onboard mv Cap Finistere are on Brittany Ferries website.

And in case you didn't know, Finistere is department 29 in Brittany, the western end of Brittany. I did look on both Google Maps and Via Michelin and couldn't find a place called "Cap Finistere" so I guess it's a made up name, but with Brittany connotations.

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