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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting across the channel is getting easier for some, but not for others

Payment options for NorfolkLine Ferries
I recently read an article that NorfolkLine Ferries (who operate a 2 hour crossing service from Dover to Dunkerque) have agreed to accept Paypal as a payment mechanism for online ticket reservations.

And looking today on the NorfolkLine website looks like they've already got it up and working, and from a consumer perspective it looks to be a great option.

If you pay by Electron or Solo cards, they're free; by debit card there's a £1 card handling charge, by credit card the charge rises to £4; and for American Express it's a mighty £6 surcharge.

By comparison therefore Paypal looks to be a no-brainer choice as there's no payment handling fee from NorfolkLine and you can fund your Paypal purchase using a credit card registered to your Paypal account which also doesn't cost you.

See the original Trading Markets announcement for the full press release.

At the other end of the spectrum I was amused by the story I read on of a Pensioner who was caught smuggling £56,550 out of the UK - in his underpants!.

Apparently he was stopped at Dover ferryport by customs officers and a sniffer dog discovered the cash in his crotch !

The whole story sounds a bit bizarre to me but according to the news item it's suspected that he's smuggled some £3.7 million overseas since April 2005.

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