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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some insight from Google as to how they understand languages and synonyms

Just read a very interesting post on Google's official blog describing how Google search engine understands language synonyms.

I won't repeat the article here, but to give a flavour as to what the post is about (so you can take a view on whether you find this interesting or not), Google understands the context of what you're searching for to understand that:
      a search for gm cars turns up results for General Motors

      a search for gm wheat turns up results for Genetically Modified Wheat

      navy gm focusses on a Navy Gunner's Mate.

And remember of course that all this linguistic cleverness is done in more than 100 languages that are supported by Google.

Clever stuff these computers ...



  • Clever, even too clever. with google suggest, you're even more "helped"... they read in your mingd before you even write the whole sentence you're thinking about !

    By Anonymous touring in brittany, at January 26, 2010  

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