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Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Brittany news items - Seaweed and Students

A couple of quick Brittany-related news snippets I came across during the last week ...

Firstly the BBC leads off with news of rotting poisonous seaweed on a beach in Brittany is suspected as being the cause of a lorry driver's death.
Each year there's an annual cleanup of the beaches at Binic on the North Brittany coast (fortunately some distance from our Brittany Gite) to remove up to 2,000 tons of rotting seaweed and it seems that this driver collapsed and died after removing three lorry loads of rotting seaweed.


Secondly, and more lucky for this person, the Telegraph reports that a drunken French student who lay down to sleep on the railway line escaped unharmed when a high speed TGV from Paris to Quimper ran over him.
The man passed out between the rails and despite the train driver applying the emergency brakes the train didn't come to a stop until 900m afterwards!

I love the way that the story reports that they were "unable to wake him afterwards" and that "police were hoping for an explanation when he regains conciousness" - a lucky student methinks.

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