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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Not going to return this missed call

Picked up my mobile phone this afternoon to notice that I'd had a missed call.

I've a meeting first thing tomorrow morning with a new customer so was partially expecting that I may get a work call today about tomorrow's meeting so wasn't all that surprised by receiving a call on a Sunday afternoon.

The caller's phone number hadn't been recognised and I didn't immediately recognise the number either .... +2348064296xxx ...

Did a google search of country code 234 as it wasn't one that I recognised immediately.

Ah-ha, country code +234 is Nigeria. I don't know anyone in Nigeria but I think it's highly likely that it's someone trying to scam me about something - probably the Gite.

I'm usually pretty good at spotting scam email booking requests like this one in February this year and this attempt last year to book a 'honeymoon'. But I've not had a telephone scam attempt before and I've no intention of having my first. No idea how the person got my mobile phone number as I don't publish it on the website.



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