Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travelling back from our long French summer holiday

We've just driven back from our french holiday home in central Brittany where we've had a great 3 week holiday. No work (well lots of work on the house but no real work), very warm and sunny, and a great relaxing time was had by all.

It's a long drive back from Brittany to Dunkerque but worth it as the ferry fares on the shorter crossings are much much cheaper than the routes into St Malo and Western France. We set off at 9:30am this morning and with lunch and shopping trip stops enroute (Liz went to buy more things for the home, I went to BricoDepot to look at DIY items!) we arrived in good time for the 8pm ferry.

When we stopped off at a giant Carrefour shopping complex on the outskirts of Caen I was amused by the different areas of the car park that were marked out with different countries of the world - Afrique, Australie, Norvège, etc.
Makes a whole different spin on the concept of having 'no idea where you left the car' .... I imagined a cross French wife berating her husband "what do you mean you left the car somewhere in Africa???"

I'm again using Norfolk Line's free wifi which I found on the way out but it's been a bit unreliable this time. All was working when we first got onboard but after half an hour or so I couldn't access any websites. A while later it was working again so I can finish off my blog posting, then just as I hit 'submit' it went off air - argh!



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