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Sunday, March 08, 2009

SpeedFerries SpeedOne judicial sale goes ahead

SpeedFerries SpeedOne
Back in January I wrote with details of SpeedFerries administrators proposals which included selling SpeedOne which was pretty much the only asset that the company had left, although there was some £12m owed to various creditors including Bank Of Scotland and Incat (the Australian manufacturers).

I read tonight on Lloyds List that judicial sale of the boat will now go ahead following representations to the High Court in London on Thursday.

Lloyds goes on to comment that in the current "market conditions" it's unlikely that the creditors will be able to recoup all their debt when the boat is sold.

On a more positive note there's announcements on both BBC News and Kent Online of a new Ramsgate to Boulogne service that EuroFerries are starting from March 31st.

The EuroFerries service is due to run four times a day and take 75 minutes for the crossing. Unfortunately there's no further details of the service or pricing on EuroFerries website yet.

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