Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy guests and guests we are not happy with

As I've mentioned before when talking about Gite Advertising we advertise our holiday home on RentalSystems which operates on a pay per booking (i.e. commission basis). Here's our RentalSystems advert if you're interested.

We receive a few bookings from RentalSystems each year, last year it was 5, this year it's two so far, and one of those has just completed their holiday with us, staying in the Gite for the February half-term week.

One of the advantages of the RentalSystems process is that the customers are asked afterwards to provide a review of the property, what they thought about it, whether it represented value for money, it's location, etc. Depending on the replies given the more popular properties are shown higher up in their search engine listings, and as I (the property owner) can only reply or comment on guest reviews and not edit them in any way it gives rentors more comfort to read what other customers have said.

Anyway, we received a very nice review from Mr & Mrs Jackson
An excellent gite in Brittany. It was clean, spacious, well equipped, (Particularly for children with plenty games, toys, mega drive and outside play equipment.). We arrived in February with cool weather but extensive central heating meant it was very warm inside. In the evening, sky tv was a bonus! The gite was in a very quiet area but not isolated. Easy secure off road parking was appreciated. A great find! Highly recommended.

Hope we'll see them again soon.

On the other hand I also received an email from our agent this week telling me of guests that I was less happy to hear about.

As you know our French Holiday Home is a quite large L shaped building with the shorter bit of the L being the 3-bedroom house that we currently rent out and the longer "wing" of the L being my 'future project'. In time it will become one or two separate three bedroom Gites but right now it's basically a vacant shell which I'm part way through converting, and I've written here before about some of the Renovations and building work so far like new windows, plumbing, septic tank and plasterboarding.

As well as storing all my tools and all the spare furniture for our Gite in we also use the other house to store all the family's clothes in (so we don't have to take much over when we go and stay ourselves), and we keep all the spare bedding, towels and stuff like that.

Cherril (our agent) dropped me an email in the week to tell me that we've got mice in the second house that have made their home in one of the bedrooms, have eaten some of the dried food we've left over there, have doubtless eaten the spare bars of soap as well (does anyone know why mice eat soap - do they like the taste or do they just like blowing bubbles at each other), and they've also left little mice 'messages' (i.e. droppings) on our clothes!

I've asked Cherril to put down some more of the special food we keep for them (i.e. poison) and it looks like we'll have to be doing a fair bit of washing whilst we are over there at Easter.

So some guests we like staying with us and some guests we don't !

PS: I must just stress though that there is absolutely no mice in the main Gite at all. There's less gaps in the walls for a start and we do keep poison down behind the cupboards to make sure.



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