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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Credit card refund for unused SpeedFerries tickets

Back in November I first blogged on SpeedFerries going into administration and the unused advance-purchase tickets I had that were now worthless. At the time a number of kind blog readers suggested that I put in a claim to my credit card company under the consumer credit act for the value of the tickets that SpeedFerries would not be honouring.

In December I reported that I'd put a claim in, and then in January I received details of the administrators proposals to windup SpeedFerries and also wrote about details of the administrators advice to other creditors to make a credit card claim.

Well it's all been quiet since I sent my disputed transaction claim in to the credit card company back in December, but yesterday my patience was rewarded as I received a letter from Asda card services telling me that they had passed my dispute onto SpeedFerries and had credited my card account with £205 - the value of the unused tickets.

So hopefully that's it and I'm at least not out of pocket after SpeedFerries failure.

Do please pass on a comment about your experiences of claiming for unused tickets if if you've been affected by SpeedFerries failure.



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