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Friday, December 05, 2008

'Mean' French Parents

When we were over in Paris on holiday earlier in the year we received a copy of the International Herald & Tribune each morning in the hotel we stayed in.

I was amused to read about a survey of European countries that revealed that French parents are the 'meanest' in Europe for handing out pocket money to their children, and the number receiving any allowance has shrunk over the past year.

According to the survey parents in France give a paltry 17.7 euros (roughly £14) per month and only 45 per cent give any pocket money at all!

In Blighty our mum's and dad's hand out the equivalent of 24 euros (£19) per month whereas the lucky Portuguese children receive the most with 59 euros (£47) per month.

Older French children don't fare any better with many 15 and 16 year olds only receiving pocket money on special occasions, birthdays, Christmas or after a particularly good school report.

In the Coan household I have to admit that our two boys are being paid at a below average rate, they both get £1 per week although we do sometimes buy them a comic to read as a treat.

So what of my Blog readers, are you more or less generous than the "average" ?

(And please no-one tip off our kids about this survey report !! Further details on the European pocket money report on the Telegraph website)



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