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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas free downloads (and discounts) from AvanQuest

A couple of years ago I wrote about AvanQuest's Christmas advent calendar where they offered up a variety of free software downloads and discount vouchers against their eclectic software portfolio.

Well new year, same deal with AvanQuest's 2008 advent calendar, and again it's worth a look as there are some good games and useful freebies.

I also found by a bit of fiddling the URL of the AvanQuest advent calendar you can look at the different special offers for other countries that AvanQuest trade in: is the URL for the UK advent calendar, but change the country_id= to 1 for France, 2 for Germany, 4 for Spain or 5 for Italy.

The poor Americans don't appear to have the advent offer on (or perhaps they don't have advent calenders over there?)



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