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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greatest Cities of the World - Paris

Did you see Griff Rhys Jones' "Greatest Cities of the World" on Wednesday this week which was on Paris?

A lovely exploration of some of the more quirky parts of Paris with Griff packing in a full day with the Place de la Concorde, cleaning graffiti from the streets, greasing the lift shafts on the Eiffel Tower (with molten Mutton fat!), discovering hidden catacombs and loads of other stuff in between.

One of my favourite bits was of Griff roller-blading across the city, he doesn't look at all comfortable trying to navigate across Paris's streets, and neither did he look all that happy trying to drive around the Arc de Triumph in a battered Citroen 2CV, cutting across the unmarked traffic lanes with narry a traffic light to help him on his way.

Further unseen footage and the whole episode are on ITV's Greatest Cities website. Worth a watch



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