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Monday, November 05, 2007

Coolwebsite - Jigzone, it's a puzzle to me

In a change from the usual programming schedule I thought I'd blog with details of a pretty cool website I've come across recently, Zigzone which features literally hundreds of Jigsaws that you can puzzle over online as well as share with your friends

The Jigsaw puzzles are divided into galleries and categories of similar types of puzzle (e.g. Animals, Flowers & Gardens, Nature Scenes, Travel, etc) and for each puzzle you can choose between 35 different 'cuts' with varying levels of difficulty such as the 20 piece classic jigsaw shape, 240 piece classic jigsaw shape, triangle shaped pieces, square pieces, and some really wacky different shaped pieces that will guarantee hair-pulling frustration!

All the jigsaw puzzles themselves are manipulated with a neat Java application that lets you drag and drop the pieces into place and once you've finished you can measure your best completion time and compare it to other puzzle solvers.

To give some flavour of what's available, here's a small selection of puzzles to try out:

Firstly a simple 20 piece classic of a Peacock:

Click to Mix and Solve

Next up a somewhat harder 50 piece circular jigsaw cut of a Rocky Shore:

Click to Mix and Solve

Keeping with my predilection for all things French, a 48 piece classic cut of the French Riviera:

Click to Mix and Solve

And if you thought that was easy, how about trying to solve the same puzzle with 48 Euro symbols instead?

Click to Mix and Solve




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