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Saturday, February 24, 2007

LD Lines takes over Transmanche and offers new service from Newhaven to Le Havre

Strolling over to LD Lines today I noticed that they've quietly announced a deal to run Transmanche Ferries, and for Transmanche to become a sister company of LD Lines.

There's little other details of the actual deal on LD Lines' website, but what they do say is that this will mean that Transmanche's Newhaven <-> Dieppe service will continue and LD Lines will charter one of Transmanche's boats, The Seven Sisters to run a new summer (May-September) service from Newhaven to Le Havre.

The new service looks to be sensibly timetabled, arriving at Le Havre at 18:30 and leaving for Newhaven at 20:00 with a 5 hour crossing both ways. Le Havre is just 4 hours (pretty much straight down the motorway) from central Brittany so I've added details of this new service to the ferry and airline travel options for getting to our Gite.

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