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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The car's been declared sick

Following on from the story a couple of weeks ago about being rear-end shunted in my car, the insurance claim is still trundling through. The garage came out and surveyed the damage; good news is it's repairable, bad news (for the other driver) is that it's likely to cost about £2700.

As my car is due it's MOT in a couple of weeks time I took it down to the garage to see what chance there was of getting it through and unsuprisingly they declared it unsafe to go on the road. The bumper's broken and the jagged edges will mean an automatic fail.

Got onto the other guys insurance company on Friday and they agreed to provide a courtesy car which I went to collect today. Originally suggested I have an Astra but in the end I got a Vauxhall Zafira which has 2 foldaway seats in the boot (which doubtless the kids will love). The car goes OK but it's a bit too plasticky for my liking inside but at least it keeps me mobile until mine's repaired which is now not going to happen until the new year :-(

My back's also been playing up again after the accident. I was very stiff this morning and could hardly get out of bed so went to the docs and have been given some anti-inflamatory's. Supposedly the pain and stiffness will all recover eventually but may take some time.



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