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Friday, May 19, 2006

P&O Ferry's unusual "win a van" football competition

Question: Is this the most unusual bit of ferry marketing possible ?

Answer: Yes I think so ... unless you know better ...

I received an email today from P&O ferries advertising their cross-channel Dover/Calais route with tickets from £30 each way - handy if you want to pop over to watch a football match. As part of the promotion they've a competition to guess how many girls they squeezed into a VW camper van. It's rather a laugh so worth a go.

I should of course point out that Dover/Calais is a pretty good route if you want to avoid the football and take a break in our Brittany Holiday Home - we're about 6 hours drive from Calais and it's motorway almost all the way. Tolls are only about €20 so it's a viable option that we've used a number of times ourselves.

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