Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Brittany folded baguette

Just read an amusing article on the Daily Mail website announcing that a Brittany bakery has invented the folded baguette that fits easier into your shopping bag.  

What do you think, clever idea or not?


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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Port of St Malo

Arriving in at the port of St Malo.  Slept on the floor of the recling chair lounge as there was more room than being in a reclining chair (that I paid £5 for the privilege of having), but actually slept quite well.   Croissants and coffee for breakfast and now I'm here in France.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The scary bit, driving onboard the Ferry

I'm travelling over to Brittany with Brittany Ferries, Portsmouth to St Malo, so only an hour's drive to the Gite on the French side.

This is the bit that Liz doesn't like, driving up the ramp onto the ferry:


Off to France for a week of holiday DIY

I'm off to our Brittany Gite for a week of holiday DIY.

Should have gone in September and then October but too much work on and so its ended up mid November by the time I've been able to get away.

And its still not great time for work so suspect I will end up making a few conference calls from France during my week "off" :-(

As its just me going (Liz is at home and the boys are at school and college) I've taken the opportunity to take as much stuff as I can do.

In the very full car are two new single bed matresses, a dishwasher, washing machine, swimming pool sand filter, 12m of swimming pool pipes, lots of pipe joints, a shower tray, shower screen, boxes of tiles, tile cutter, and quite a lot of tools and bits and pieces.

Plan for the week is to put a new shower cubicle in, fit an extractor fan to the bathroom and plumb in a new swimming pool.

Hopefully I will get some rest !